The Musing with McWilley Creative Network is a collection of audio and video created as an outlet for the artist and for the results to be enjoyed by all.

Join the ZWT Guild as they loot, battle, and gain experience during the Trials of Arn.

Coming Soon

  • Coming soon as we hold for the ZWT crew to figure what their status, we'll be hearing stories from Tor's journal of multiverse tales. 
  • Our D&D adventure begins with Tom Strongwall, Tillian Jin, Kel Raish, and Tor de Shank leaving town on their mission with Kindle, Solomon & Vlora the rangers tasked with escorting […]
  • It is always smart to go shopping before a quest.  You need potions, maps, Vienna sausages, and of course knowledge.  Our ZWT Guild members take to the mall and stock […]
  • After being ambushed by an unknown force using some sort of futuristic magic weapons, the ZWT Guild find themselves warped outside of their own guild.  The one who has the […]
  • Having narrowly escaped Death House two members of the ZWT Guild have moved on and those that remain find themselves in the town of Barovia.  But something seems off about […]

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