• After a riveting discussion about Frankenstein's monster, Ryan and Rizzo Shoot the Sh!t about #baukstober,  a dead mouse named Dusty at Casa de Rizzo, Shortround going Hannibal,  and then how they're watching Halloween TV shows and movies. Ryan goes  into detail about Judge Dread vs Predator vs Alien and the Darth Vader […]
  • The terror that is the FOG consumes Rizzo's glasses until the two start  discussing Buffalo Bill's house, #baukstober, Masked Singer, The  Simpson's Tree House of Horrors, Universal Japan's Super Nintendo World,  and discuss the Halloween films they've been watching.    Ryan and Rizzo Shoot the Sh!t #podcast is recorded weekly on Sunday […]
  • 10 – 4 Good Buddy Today the Diabolical Duo talk about horrific shows and movies, like Raised by Wolves, Southpark,  Community, The Masked Singer, and  Idiocracy.  They also discuss the lovable Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl  rock off, and Weird Al's Presidential Debate song of doom. Tea Time with  Rizzo is a […]
  • It's lucky number 13 for the podcast so we decided to go live just for  fun.  While live we talked about the Schitts Creek Emmy sweep, Enola's  Holmes and her attractive older brother, the world of Lovecraft Country  and Raised by Wolves.  Ryan gets geeky about the Superior Spiderman, his  delayed date […]

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