• On this, the final episode of Ryan and Rizzo Shoot the Sh!t, the duo reminisce of times past by calling back to the shows of yore and wrapping things up by chatting about the Netflix docu-series Night Stalker, and the fashions and music choices of last week's presidential inauguration, Bernie included. The […]
  • Today's show starts out with Animaniacs and King of the Hill and the duo discuss Sputnik and Mr. Robot before bidding a fond farewell to the fine folks of Schitt's Creek. Ryan and Rizzo chat all of the classics on their movie must have list and Ryan takes a bite out of […]
  • On today's episode the duo is back for season 2 and catch up on all the things we've binge watched, including Schitt's Creek, Never Have I Ever,  the Office – UK and the entirety of Cobra Kai Season 3. We've watched the Wonder Woman movies, Anna and the Apocalypse and Rizzo has […]
  • Our holiday mini-sode wraps up season 1 of Ryan and Rizzo Shoot the  Sh!t. We discover Ryan was indeed on the Nice list and Rizzo introduces  the new member of her family. Rizzo engages in some Soul, thanks to  Disney+ and Ryan continues his trek through X-Men the animated series.  We chat […]

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