Welcome! Please Excuse My Mess

☂I’ll be restructuring my website over the next few weeks. So if you happen to land here during that time I apologize.☂

I’m here to help you with your project. If you need a Voice Over Artist for a Business Conference, Videogame/Animated Character, Internet ad or Website video, Television or Radio commercial, Training or Educational video; I’ll give you the voice you want and need.

Vocally I’m a youthful adult with baritone vocals. My services have been used for Videogames, Business Conference Videos, and Business Proposal Videos.

This site has a variety of vocal demos and examples of my previous work for you to listen to. But if you’d like to hear it in your own words? Email me a script sample and direction and I’ll reply with an mp3 vocal audition.
Please put “Sample Script – Your Project Name” as the Subject Line.

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